Professor of Mathematics, University of Houston, USA
Emeritus Professor, Ecole Normale Superieure , France

Tel: 1 832 330 4706 and 1 713 743 3489
Fax: 1 713 753 3505


Current Research interests

Mathematics and Biosciences

Genomics and Proteomics
- Modelling regulatory genes networks of stem cell differentiation (microarray data)
- Tumor diagnosis by proteomic signature : automated Mass Spectra analysis

- Controlling NanoPorous surfaces by analysis of S.E.M images

Stochastic models of Genetic Evolution
Large Deviations for Markov chain models of genetic evolution  
- Estimating rates and selective advantages of E.Coli genetic mutations

Medical Imaging
- CT-images of blood vessels : Identification of atherosclerotic plaque
- Intra-Cardiac echographies : Extraction of myocardium strain evolution
- Doppler Echocardiographies : Detection of abnormal myocardium strains
- 3D-tomographic reconstruction from highly collimated X-ray data
- 3D-volumetric Echocardiographies : Dynamic Modelling of Mitral Valve

Mathematics and 3D-Image analysis :

- Multi-Resolution image analysis : Rotation covariant steerlets
- Rotation invariant distances between 3D-Textures
- Diffeomorphic Matching of Soft Shapes in R3  :variational problems
- 3D-movies : Extraction of dynamic deformations of Soft Shapes
- Soft Shapes spaces : quantified comparisons of Soft Shapes in R3

Probability and Statistics

Stochastic Differential Equations :
Small perturbations of SDEs : Large deviations approach
- Robust estimation of SDE parameters from approximate data : Sub-sampling
- Option Pricing : impact of  SDE modeling errors


Data Mining and Automatic Learning :
- Automatic classification : Positive Kernels and Support Vector Machines
- Mutual Information and Causality analysis
- Automatic Pattern Recognition for Multi-Sensors Diagnosis