Vaughn Climenhaga

Associate Professor
Department of Mathematics
University of Houston

Math 1432

Calculus II -- section 20730 (invitation-only)
Spring 2020


Following the University of Houston's current guidance regarding the COVID-19 outbreak, there are no classes, assignments, or tests the week of March 16-20. Classes will resume online on Monday, March 23, and will remain online for the duration of the semester. See the course BlackBoard site for further details of how this class will run, and see the university's website for more information on the situation generally.

FAQ about the invitation-only section

Instructor: Vaughn Climenhaga
  • Office: 665 PGH
  • Office hours:  Mondays and Wednesdays, 11-11:50am
  • Email: climenha [at]

Course information:
  • Lectures:  MWF, 9-9:50am, CBB 214
  • Labs:  MWF, 10-10:50am, AH 10
  • Textbook:  Calculus: Early Transcendentals, James Stewart, eighth edition
  • Supplementary text: Calculus, Michael Spivak (not mandatory)
  • Course syllabus
In this course we will continue to study differential and integral calculus, including integration techniques, applications of integration, differential equations, parametric curves and surfaces, polar coordinates, sequences, and series.  A strong emphasis will be placed on conceptual and intuitive understanding, on clear and precise definitions and theoretical notions, and on the central role that calculus plays in the scientific world.
Pictures of numerical integration strategies

Animation of Lorenz attractor

Animated Bézier curves

Bézier curve interactive applet