Vaughn Climenhaga

Associate Professor
Department of Mathematics
University of Houston

Math 6320

Functions of a Real Variable
Fall 2015

Instructor: Vaughn Climenhaga
  • Office: 665 PGH
  • Office hours:  Monday 9-9:50am, Wednesday 1:30-2:30pm
  • Email: climenha [at]

Course information:
  • Lectures:  MWF, 10-11am, C 113
  • Textbook:  Real Analysis: Modern Techniques and Their Applications, second edition, by Gerald B. Folland.
  • Supplementary text: Real Analysis for Graduate Students, second edition, by Richard F. Bass
  • Course syllabus
This course is an introduction to modern real analysis, particularly the study of measures, Lebesgue integration, and Lp spaces.  As part of the course, we will encounter elements of functional analysis, Fourier analysis, ergodic theory, and probability theory.

Homework assignments

HW 1 (due Fri, Aug 28)
HW 2 (due Fri, Sep 4)
HW 3 (due Fri, Sep 11)
HW 4 (due Fri, Sep 18)
HW 5 (due Fri, Sep 25)
HW 6 (due Fri, Oct 2)
HW 7 (due Fri, Oct 9)
HW 8 (due Fri, Oct 16)
HW 9 (due Fri, Oct 30)
HW 10 (due Fri, Nov 6)
HW 11 (due Mon, Nov 16)
HW 12 (due Mon, Nov 23)
HW 13 (due Fri, Dec 4)